The Ghostlight

Restless Is She

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Special request from Restlesscat


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Restless is she
Who stalks me in the night
Eyes wide open
Glowing ever so bright
Steely is her pace
Steadfast her stance
Wanting, willing, waiting
Avoiding her prey's glance
Restless is the cat
Relentless is the chase
I am her quarry
But she sets the pace
Claws extended
Leopard, Tiger, Lioness she
Her stride increasing
She closes in on me
Could that I would
Grow wings, away I fly
Yet to her I'm drawn
To lay with her and die
Restless is the cat
Her quarry I be
She'll take me 'for the night's out
And her I'll set free
Closer yet is the hunt
This relentless, restless beast
Soon she'll overtake me
My flesh wil be her feast
Restless is the woman
Restless dreams unfulfilled
Restless body untaken
Restless furrow, un-tilled
At once she is upon me
My heart races as she pants
We tumble, tussle and wrestle
in a feverish lovers dance
Hours we languish in love
All other thoughts abated
Restless is this woman
Her desires ne'er sated
She takes my life from me
In her arms I die
Together we fall, exhausted
Together in sleep, we lie
Has her soul be satisfied
Has her pleasure been met
I'll not know til she wakes
Is she restless yet?
Restless is this woman
Who stalks me where'er I go
Her desires thrust upon me
Her love I'll always know


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